Yoga Hosers (2016)

This is a horror comedy movie mutually directed and written by Kevin Smith. This is a spin-off from Smith's 2014 horror movie Tusk.

The Cast List:

Harley Quinn Smith played being Colleen McKenzie

Lily-Rose Depp played being Colleen Collette

Austin Butler played being Hunter Calloway

Adam Brody played as Ichabod

Kevin Conroy played as the Canadian Bat, Man!

Tony Hale played as Bob Collette

Johnny Depp played as the Guy LaPointe

Jack Depp played as the 'Peg Kid

Ralph Garman played as Andronicus Arcane

Ashley Greene played as the 'Peg Mom

Justin Long played being Yogi Bayer

Natasha Lyonne played as Tabitha

Stan Lee played as the Dispatcher

Haley Joel Osment played being Adrien Arcand

Harley Morenstein played as the Toilet Paper Man

Jason Mewes played as the Rogue Cop

Vanessa Paradis played as Ms. Maurice

Tyler Posey played as the Gordon Greenleaf

Jennifer Schwalbach played being Ms. McKenzie

Kevin Smith played as The Bratzis

Sasheer Zamata played as the Principal Invincible

Genesis Rodriguez played as Ms. Wicklund

The Story Line:


Colleen McKenzie and Colleen Collette were the two usual 15-year-old lass that usually spends the days learning yoga together with Guru Yogi Bayer, and he has a job in an after-school work in the Manitoba convenience store named as Eh-2-Zed. They are also included in a cover band named as Glamthrax with the 35-year-old buddy Ichabod, on drums. They were invited to a party of the famous senior, Hunter Calloway, and he was the subject of McKenzie affections.

The following day in school, the history teacher of the girls informed the class that a Nazi Party previously had a power in Winnipeg. Headed by the self-declared Adrien Arcand, a"Canadian Führer" and the right-hand-man, the Canadian Nazis Andronicus Arcane, where once the great power of terror. Arcand was then arrested by the Federal agency, but Andronicus Arcane was not found.

Yoga hosers johnny depp

Bob, Collette’s father that owned Eh-2-Zed, with the store's manager, his girlfriend Tabitha, settles for taking the spontaneous journey to Niagara Falls, parting off with the girls to manage the store for an evening of the Hunter's party. These Colleens invited Hunter together with his buddy Gordon Greenleaf to take the party to the warehouse so that they will not lose out. McKenzie escorted Hunter at the back quarters with his request, and to find out that Gordon and Hunter were actually Satanists that wished to surrender and mutilate the Colleens. Just before anything can happen, the army of tiny monsters named as the Bratzis or a-foot-tall Nazis created from bratwurst attacked and murdered Gordon and Hunter. Through their yoga talents, the Colleens battled and defeated the Bratzis, and were soon under arrest for the killing of Gordon and Hunter.

The Writers View:

With that said, and since I am respecting the moviemakers, it does not mean that I'm going to take pleasure on the picture. Sadly, this movie YOGA HOSERS seemed to me a terrible kind of movie that did not attract any level aside from being weird, extraordinary and in total reality original. Although the Nazi sausages were on display and you have got into the least, admit it that you have not seen these kind of style before. The trouble is that the screenplay by Smith is also weird and for it to belong to comedy films is a big mistake for it is not really that comic. This is the most shocking because Smith is included in one of those characters that have the best dialogue, although, it seemed that the movie is just lifeless and flat.

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